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Certified Hypnotherapist


 Hypnosis is a very effective tool to regain your healthy weight without frustration. 

Yet for anyone who has ever tried to lose weight by dieting or going to the gym regularly, the idea that you can lose weight just through hypnosis sounds almost too good to be true. And indeed those who hope that the practitioner in hypnosis will simply reprogram their brain to like peas or that it is enough to put a virtual gastric band, will have to mourn their illusions.

Indeed, in hypnosis the goal will not be to follow a diet for x weeks before the summer and with the hope of losing pounds and too often with the disillusionment of recovering them then, but on the contrary to adopt lasting behaviors. healthy food and sports.

Everyone is different and of course the processes that cause someone to eat when in reality they are not really hungry are obviously unique and individual. Thus the work engaged in hypnosis will sometimes be very different from one person to another.

However, there are sites that we often find. For example, there is obviously a behavioral and emotional component that it is important to put in place. Often when we have eating disorders, it is because we have implemented a form of compensation. As if a part of us had implemented a strategy (admittedly harmful) to meet a need we have without consciously realizing it. It is then a question of developing new positive strategies under hypnosis to meet this need.

"you were good, you have the right to a dessert"

Eating is one of the first things we learn as a child, so it seems natural that poor learning related to food often goes back a long way. Take, for example, the taste for sugar. We all have a taste for sweet for one very simple reason, and that is, in nature, what is sweet is edible. Loving sweet is therefore written in our genes. The problem is therefore not to like sweet but to be "  addict  To use a term that I often hear from the mouths of those who come to see me (although I do not subscribe to the term as such in this situation but it is still something else). Often it is that beyond the taste, there are notions which go back to childhood of the order of comfort, or of the reward: "  you were good, you have the right to a dessert  ". Hypnosis makes it possible to work on modifying these old learnings to regain a normal relationship with sugar. Similarly, remember the injunctions of the type  : "  finish your plate  ""  eat, it's good for your health  ", Etc.

There is also often a lot of work to do on the relationship to the body. Often we are angry with our body for growing, for not reflecting the image we would like. When you hate your body, you shouldn't be surprised that it doesn't do anything to help you afterwards. Why would the body help someone who has nothing but disgust and hate for him  ?  Put in place in hypnosis, a climate of alliance between "  I  And the body, and even a true relationship of support and love, is often an essential step in weight management.

More generally, working on self-esteem, self-confidence or even self-love are classic passages in weight management. Weight is both the cause and the consequence of these problems. Often when they arrive people say, "  i will love myself when i lose weight  And understand that in fact it is perhaps the opposite, it is by loving themselves that they will lose weight.

Often for this type of support I recommend first 3-4 sessions fairly close together (1 week apart), to set up all the right behaviors and then 2-3 more sessions but one month apart to follow the body in its transformation.

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